Iranian Visa

You simply google “getting Iran visa” and a load of useful/useless information comes up. I have read them too; “have onward transport proof, insurance, passport photos and itinerary details plus proof of fund to support yourself”

Let me make it much simpler for you. We’ve been hosting travelers from different countries and I know quite a lot about this procedure.


  • Reservation Confirmation

What really matters is a document showing you have a reservation with a licensed accommodation for at least your first few days. You need to provide the immigration officer at the airport with the address and phone number of that hotel/hostel/guest-house.

What happens behind the curtain, when you give the filled forms is that the officer contacts the licensed host to confirm your stay. Recently illegal houses have started hosting tourists. Some of them have TripAdvisor page. Bookings with illegal places are not accepted.

How to know if an accommodation is legal?
1- Legal accommodations have a license number and MUST clearly write that number on the reservation confirmation email/letter. 2- As the authorities sue those who work illegally, these houses do not write their exact address on their websites.

  • Insurance:

Apart from the booking proof, you have to have travel insurance. Please bear in mind that it MUST be clearly stated on your insurance document that it covers Islamic Republic of Iran. Unless, you should buy insurance for about EUR18 per person.


  • E-Visa Rejection

Supposedly, having applied for e-visa before your departure would facilitate or expedite the visa-on-arrival process. However, recently (this information is written on 7th July 2019), many tourists have received the same response for their e-visa application: “Dear ..... , your visa application has been rejected. Reason for rejection: _ Please apply via travel agency. _ Please apply via host in Iran.”

What should you do if you’ve got this response?
You have two options: 1- Just forget the e-visa and go for the VOA without having e-visa approval. You might think it’s not safe. But e-visa is not necessary and without it you will just wait more at the airport to finally get your visas. 2- You can contact a travel agency who does the visa procedure on your behalf. They usually charge you EUR 15-20 per visa.


  • The US Visa Issues?

Have you heard that the US would impede and make difficult the entrance of those who have visited Iran within the last several months? Then, you might be afraid to travel to Iran. However, Iranian authorities have wisely fought back by not putting any entrance or exit stamp on your passports. Easy? Yes, the problem solved.


  • Extra Points

Tourists from the US, UK and Canada must have a licensed private tour guide. That guide will literally follow you wherever you go.

Israelis are NOT eligible to get Iran Visa.

The Visa on Arrival is valid for 30 days and you can extend it for 30 days more.

The visa would cost you EUR 75 (for Australians it is EUR 145).


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