Cities to Visit

Iran, this mesmerizing middle-eastern gem with its ancient brightness and deep culture is on the list of many travel-addicts. Yet, which cities are on the priority list?

The most visited cities are Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz and Kerman. Yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the best destinations. Surely, if it’s your first time in Iran, you should visit the cities mentioned above.

This vast and four-seasoned country has many cities with different cultures, costumes, foods, wildlife and languages. Perhaps, due to limited time, restricting your visit to a few cities and their surroundings is inevitable. I would advise you gathering information about the following cities, regions often undervalued by guidebooks and tourists alike:

North and North-West of Iran: cities like Qazvin, Zanjan, Rasht, Ardabil and Tabriz: to enjoy the cool weather and beautiful nature.

West and South-West: Hamedan, Kermanshah, Borujerd, Khorramabad, Dezful, Shush, Shooshtar; to explore the ancient Iran.


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