Iran Budget Traveling

Iran has less appeal for leisure travelers, compared to many touristic countries. Clearly, tourists who travel to Iran (mostly backpackers) seek something else: the culture, history, architecture, nature, art and the hospitable people. Cautiously spending money, this category of tourists budget every part of their trip. I’ve been immersed in Iran tourism for the last three years and I know these advices can help you:

Approximate Daily Spending

If you’re lazy, like me, here is the conclusion of what follows: Summing up all the expenses, €20-30 would suffice for a thrifty plan and €40-50 for an average budget traveling (price of tickets for transportation between cities should be separately calculated).

  1. Accommodation: Just €5-6 for a bed in a bunk-bed-crammed dormitory or €15-20 per person for a decent spacious room.
  2. Food: A meager below average dish or an ordinary sandwich would be bought as less as €1. I do not advise you going for that, though. You can find delicious high quality food (not at a fancy restaurant), for €3-5 per dish.
  3. Water: tap water is drinkable and has a good quality in big cities. In south of Iran, water quality decreases. A big bottle of mineral water is less than €0.1.
    Tip-1: Meat always costs much more than vegetables in Iran.
  4. Transportation: I’ve experienced several countries’ public transports and I can assure you that Iran has one of the cheapest while efficient transportations in the world: either you choose buses, taxis, metro, trains or airplanes you will find them comfortable and affordable:
    _ Metro: with a price tag of less than €0.1, it is almost free! Isn’t it?
    _ Taxis: a travel over an average distance (about 10 km) in Tehran with an exclusive taxi would cost €1-2.
    _ Buses, Trains & Airplanes: traveling from Tehran to Shiraz by VIP buses, trains and airplanes costs about €5-7, €10 & €30-40, respectively.
  5. Museums and Attractions: you should buy tickets for each museum. Some of them have several rooms, halls and sections whose tickets are separately sold. For instance, visiting all places of Golestan Palace would cost you €7-8. This is almost the maximum price you would pay for a museum in Iran.


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