Multiday Budget Tours

The most precious jewel of the Middle East, Iran, has always been luring tourists. Recently, with its tourism growing, many big and small tour companies have emerged in Iran. Herein, I provide you with valuable information and estimate prices of services related to tours and travels around Iran:


  • How much a daily tour would cost?

It depend on several factors: tour difficulty, distance of driving, car quality, English speaking guide and services. You should see if prices for the guide or driver’s accommodation and their food are included or are separate.
A daylong tour does not require the night accommodation for the guide and driver. Considering the expenses of food (also for the guide and driver), you would pay about €80 to €140 for a full car that would accommodate four passengers. Such a daily tour would consist a driving distance of km 500-700 approximately.

Kashan, Alamout Castle, Rudkhan Castle, Dome of Soltanyeh, Tangeh Savashi and Shahr-e Rey are practical daylong tours beginning from Tehran.


  • What is the approximate price for a multiday tour?

Again, all the important factors for daily tours play a role here. It’s too difficult comparing services and prices in a highly competitive market. You should also bear in mind that with the local currency fluctuating, the prices for services change. Yet, a price of €60 to €80 per day is acceptable for traveling by a car (maximum capacity of four travelers).

Point 1- This estimate price does not encompass your accommodations, nor the tickets for attractions.

 Point 2- As a general point, you would pay less per person as the number of travelers in your group increases. For a group of three to four passengers, traveling by a car would be ideal. While a group up to 12 members should travel by a van and bigger groups (maximum of 22 people) need a VIP bus.


  • How much should I pay for a walking tour in big cities?

Walking tours are new in Iran. There’s no standard or consensus over the average price that one would pay for a walking tour. Rates usually circle around €15-25 per person, depending on the services and length of the tour. Foods and tickets expenses are not included.


  • How can I pay for the services I buy?

Due to the sanctions, majority of the travel agencies, tour operators and accommodations cannot receive the money through international banking system. Therefore, they usually receive the money in cash upon your arrival.


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