Shahnameh Ferdowsi

The dream of flying, perhaps, goes back in history as far as humans existed. Who thought and devised a way to fly for the first time remains a mystery forever. Yet, Ferdowsi ⁠— one of the greatest Iranian poets ever ⁠— articulates the way Kay Kāvus, the 2nd king of Kayanian dynasty, planned to fly.  

In his masterpiece, Shahnameh, Ferdowsi explains that Kay Kāvus ordered his servants to make a light wooden throne, embed spears into corners of the throne, put grilled lamb carcasses on top and fasten four huge hungry eagles beneath. The plan was simple: the hungry eagles struggling to get the meat put on the spears, took the throne off the ground and flew. Finally the birds got exhausted and landed at the height of 6000 meters in Mount Damavand. Then, the king was captured and imprisoned by the White Demon of Damavand.

In another dramatic narrative, Rostam ⁠— the legendary Iranian hero of all time — fights the White Demon and frees the king.

Trace glimpses of truth through myths.

(By Mehdi & Kami, from Iran Cozy Hostel)


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