Kale-Paache Iranian Food

Kale-Pache is one the most popular and delicious Iranian dishes which is usually eaten as breakfast. Main ingredients of it are sheep’s head and legs flavored with garlic, onion and spices. No part of the head is spared: tongue, eyes and brain are the most wanted ones. Despite its popularity, it’s extremely unhealthy for its high Cholesterol. The following short story about this food is as tasty as the dish itself:


Long time ago, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar ordered his chef to cook Kale-Pache for breakfast. He also invited all the high ranked figures including ministers and the prime minister.

Next morning, Kale Pache was ready. At first, Shah ate the brain, faced to his prime minister and said: “to keep our monarchy stable, must stop people from thinking.” Then ate the tongue and said: “Silence the people if you want to control them.” Finally he took the ears and eyes and added: “deaf and blind, they won’t gain awareness.”

When the king stopped talking, the hungry prime minister politely asked: “but what should we eat, your majesty?”

Wiping his greasy mustache, Shah answered: “You must eat Pache — Pache is the sheep’s feet — and spread Pache-Khaari to please me and underpin my kingdom.”

Explanation: “Khaari” here has an equivocal meaning; one meaning is “eating” while the other is “scraping skin” to quiet itching. Here it actually means pleasing someone in an unreal way, servile fawning and flattery.


By Mehdi and Kami from Iran Cozy Hostel


😂😂Very beautiful story


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