Iran Dress Code

Did you look at the photos above? They are real girls you would find everyday on the streets of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and other big cities. Hijab is, of course, compulsory. Yet, the restrictions and rules are partially abode. The social norms play a great role and the norms vary in big cities and villages.

While in rural areas people wear conservatively, citizens of modernized cities choose bright, thin, colorful and fashionable apparels. In some extremely religious cities, people follow the conservative concepts: Qom, Mashhad and Yazd are the most conspicuous cities of this category.

If you’re planning to travel to Iran, you should consider the following advices:

  • Chador or heavy scarfs are not necessary. Specifically in summer, wear a light and thin scarf.
  • Iranian police do not interrupt or annoy female tourists over their appearance.
  • Men should not wear shorts on the streets.
  • Avoid wearing skirts with bare legs. Wearing leggings or long socks with long skirt would be good.
  • Matching a coat or blouse, long enough to cover your hips, with trousers would be perfect.


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