We are pleased that you are interested in our services. Iran Cozy Hostel provides you with valuable information and experience that would help you a lot plan your travel better. If you have any question regarding the following services, please contact us. You will always find us ready and happy to help.

I should kindly explain that:

Airplane/Train Tickets

Usually, airplane and train tickets are not sold out fast. When you arrive we will accordingly buy your tickets, print them out and you will pay us. We receive %10 as service fee (lower than the usual rate of travel agencies). You can pay the price in USD, Euro or Rial. The currency exchange rate for $ and € is varied depending on the current situation of Iran currency market. All this procedure is made for your comfort. So, please, feel free to ask us guide you to other travel agencies, if you prefer.

USD, Euro & Rial Exchange

Please, pay attention that the main currency exchange center of Tehran, which offers the best rates, is at the Ferdowsi Square and just a few metro stations away from us. We can happily guide you go there. In specific cases (occasionally and on holidays the currency market is closed), we can also help you exchange a little money at the house.

If you feel that carrying bulky amount of money in Rial is cumbersome, there are several different companies who offer credit cards. You can contact them directly and search about their service/rates (their rates are always lower than the free market at the Ferdowsi Square). Please bear in mind that we do NOT have any affiliation with them.

Special Persian Dishes

Aash-e Reshte, Yatimche (Persian Ratatouille), Veggie pasta, Persian rice and vegetables are examples of delicious dishes you might enjoy having at Iran Cozy Hostel. If you are interested to have this experience, let us know upon your arrival. Please, bear in mind that we do not have a restaurant and the food is homemade. Then, you have to tell us in the morning that you want the dinner for that day. We will check the timing with you and the food will be ready on time.

Persian Carpets

Our expert can accompany you to the main carpet market, explain to you the differences and teach you the essential points you should ponder before deciding to buy a carpet. Without knowledge and experience, you might be an easy target for the greedy and unscrupulous businessmen who might deceive you.

Buying Irancell SIM card

Each Irancell SIM card must be registered. One registered Irancell SIMs with 3G data and enough credit for your local calls would cost 700000 Rial in total. If you prefer having more data or credit on the SIM you would simply re-charge.
Please, consider that your phone will not be useable in Iran after one month. The government has put this law to fight cell phone smugglers. After one month, you can either choose paying tax for your phone or using another phone for one month more.



Single         ( From €18 )

Double        (From €24)

Triple          ( €39 )

Quadruple  ( €44 )