Be in awe of the majestic grandeur of Dome of Soltaniyeh
Visit the historical tomb of Chelebi Oghlu
Explore the mysterious Dashkasan Temple and its dragon guardian
Enjoy the natural wonders of Katale Khor Cave

Age Range: 6-90                                                                 Accommodation: None
Max Group Size:  22                                                        Transportation: Car, Van or Bus
Travel Style: Historical, Cultural, Adventure


Starting from Tehran, in front of Iran Coy Hostel, you can choose Zanjan or Tehran as your finishing point. This adventurous and historical short tour introduces some remnants of Ilkhanid past glory as well as natural beauties of Katale Khor cave.



Soltaniyeh Dome covered in glamorous turquoise-blue faience and beautifully decorated with murals and mosaics, is worth being the first stop point of this historical and adventurous 1-Day trip. As one of the biggest brick domes in the world, it resemble Taj Mahal in some tourists’ eyes. Nearby, Chelebi Oghlu is another vestige of Ilkhanid dynasty. The Dragon Temple (famous as Dashkasan between the locals) and Katale Khor Cave will complete this excursion. In the end, you can choose to stay in Zanjan or come back to Tehran.
Note: The tour may include one solo traveler or a group of 22 people. It is up to you.

Having your stuff packed and ready, you should be prepared at the departure time to start the trip from the front door of Iran Cozy Hostel.

Half an hour would be enough to get the energy you need for the tour. Bon appetite.

Make sure to have your camera ready and charged, as this beautiful brick structure is unique in its category.

This old remnant of Ilkhanid era is very close to Soltaniyeh Dome.

Oljaitu, the Mongol king, ordered Chinese craftsmen to build the temple. Then, you shouldn't wonder why a dragon is carved on the stone.

A short break to refresh and get ready for going to Zanjan.

Zanjan is famous for delicious foods. The guide/driver will take you to a good quality restaurant for having lunch.
Note: Lunch is optional and you can exclude it from your tour.

Discovered about 90 years ago, this dry cave is an alluring natural attraction for tourists as well as the local. Katale Khor in the region's dialect means "mount of the Sun".

At this point, the journey is over. Optional end-point is intentionally designed to give you freedom arranging you travel plan with flexibility.


A group up to four travelers, would be provided with a private car and an experienced guide who drives the car too. For a group of 5 to 11 members, a van driver would serve you alongside the guide.

As explained, depending of the number of applicants, a private car (1-4) or van (5-11) would transport you.

Snack and two bottles of water is always included. Yet, giving you the freedom to budget your tour, you may choose to have or exclude the breakfast and lunch. The difference in prices, is separately shown in the reservation form.


The museum and attractions might require paying entrance fees.

Souvenirs and additional foods/drinks that you might want.


If you are a group of friends traveling together, the price per person would be very economical.

Please bear in mind that you can choose different end-points for your tour. This changes the price, for sure.

Price of the guide and driver (that are the same for the tours by car) is already included in the total price.

Food cost is not included in the price. You can add it separately. However, snack and two bottles of water are in the services.

Tickets, if required by any place, attraction or museum, should be paid separately as it is not included.

For the 1-Day tours, no accommodation is planned.

  • DAY 1
  • From € 12
  • This is the price per person for a group of 11 people traveling by a van.