Visit the splendid Rudkhan Castle
Enjoy the awesome nature of the densely forested peaks
Have delicious Iranian kebab cooked over open fire

Age Range: 12-55                                                                 Accommodation: None
Max Group Size:  22                                                        Transportation: Car, Van or Bus
Travel Style: Historical, Discovery,
Deep-Nature and Climbing


This deep nature and historical 1-Day tour demands healthy body and physical readiness. The time and energy spent to conquer the steep slopes of this lush green area is deservedly rewarded by exquisite and super lovely sceneries.
Optional end-points (Tehran, Rasht and Masuleh) gives you flexibility to plan your entire travel and adapt this tour in it. Personality, I have never seen any tourist coming back from Rudkhan castle disappointed. Then we strongly recommend it to you.


Once a resisting fortress against Arab invaders, Rudkhan Castle has endured thousand years to pass its story through generations. This 1-Day tour mainly focuses on exploring the castle while enjoying the luscious green areas of Alborz Range.
Should bear in mind that this trip demands physical health and strength as intensive climbing is necessary to get to the castle.
The area is densely covered with trees and humidity is high. Due to heavy rain, in some occasions, the trip might be cancelled.

Please be ready 15 minutes before departure. We always meet in front of Iran Cozy Hostel main door.

Iranian style breakfast with fresh bread, cheese, tea (or coffee), jam and cream would be served on the way.

After having breakfast we depart towards Rudkhan Castle. It takes about 3 hours to get there. Yet you would not be bored as the road itself is exciting and beautiful.

Having a length over 1500 meters (and being located up on the peaks), this mesmerizing fortress is a truly difficult place to visit. Before starting to climb, snacks is served to have enough energy.

The guide is experienced in cooking delicious kebab over open fire. If you are vegetarian or have specific food habits or limits, please let us know when you are filling the reservation form.
Occasionally, due to rain or any unpredictable problem, it might be impossible to cook the food. In such cases, lunch would be eaten at a restaurant nearby.

At 04:00 PM, this lovely tour is finished and we depart towards the optional end-point that you would have chosen.
Once again, I should advise you to choose the end-point carefully to match your whole travel.

If you choose Tehran as the end-point, we would arrive there at 21:00 PM.


A group up to four travelers, would be transported with a private car and an experienced guide who drives the car too. For a group of 5 to 11 members, a van driver would serve you alongside the guide. Finally, for a big group (up to 22 members), a bus with driver plus two guides would accompany you.

As explained, depending of the number of applicants, a private car (1-4), van (5-11) or bus (12-22) would transport you.

Snack and two bottles of water is always included. Yet, giving you the freedom to budget your tour, you may choose to have or exclude the breakfast and lunch. The difference in prices, is separately shown in the reservation form.


The museum and attractions might require paying entrance fees.

Souvenirs and additional foods/drinks that you might want.


If you are a group of friends traveling together, the price per person would be very economical.

Please bear in mind that you can choose different end-points for your tour. This changes the price, for sure.

Price of the guide and driver (that are the same for the tours by car) is already included in the total price.

Food cost is not included in the price. You can add it separately. However, snack and two bottles of water are in the services.

Tickets, if required by any place, attraction or museum, should be paid separately as it is not included.

For the 1-Day tours, no accommodation is planned.

  • DAY 1
  • From € 14
  • This is the price per person for a group of 11 people traveling by a van.