We should humbly and honestly emphasize that we don't have any preference regarding how & when you would buy sims/tickets/carpets, exchange your money and have food; All the following services are designed to facilitate your trip and maximize your enjoyment. Then, please, feel free to ask us guide you to shops, restaurants and agencies at which you would be able to buy the services you need.

Buy Tickets

Airplane, Train and Bus Tickets

Due to the sanctions, using international credit/debit cards to pay for the services in Iran is impossible. Buying tickets for domestic travels in Iran has been frequently asked by our guests. The whole starts when you arrive to Iran. Therefore, please, don't ask us buy the tickets when you're abroad:

  1. We can guarantee your tickets availability. Then, you would be sure about your tickets when you arrive; we accordingly buy your tickets, print them out and you pay us.
  2. All this procedure is made for your comfort. Then, please, feel free to ask us guide you to other travel agencies, if you prefer.
  3. We receive %15 as service fee (lower than the usual rate of travel agencies).
  4. You can pay the price in either USD, Euro or Rial. The currency exchange rate for $ and € is varied depending on the current situation of Iran currency market.
Ghale Roodkhan North of Iran
Ardabil Sabalan Iran Cozy Hostel
Tabriz Iran Saint Stephanos
Rasht Masuleh Iran

Money Exchange

Euro, USD & Iranian Rial

Please, pay attention that the main currency exchange in Tehran is just few metro stations away from us. If you prefer changing your money there, we would be happy to guide you how to get there. The reason to start money exchange service for our guests is solely to ease the process for them, making it safer and fairer. In short, depending on your choice we're ready to help you.

Veggie Foods

Special Persian Dishes

Not everybody finds the chance to taste authentic home-made Iranian Recipes. You might have heard that Iranians love meat and Kebab; that's true and you would find it difficult, if you're a vegetarian, finding quality veggie foods.

Aash-e Reshte, Yatimche (Persian Ratatouille), Veggie pasta, Persian rice and vegetables are examples of delicious dishes you might enjoy having at IranCozyHostel. If you're interested to have this experience, let us know upon your arrival.

Cozy Budget Hostel in Tehran
Cozy Budget Hostel in Tehran

Buy Carpet

Persian Carpet Expert

Buying carpets from state-to-the-art shops in the city center would be very expensive, while, knowing what to buy from where and how, would save your money.

Our expert can accompany you to the main carpet market, explain to you the differences and teach you the essential points that should be well-pondered before deciding to buy a carpet.

Persian Iranian carpet rug
Persian Iranian carpet rug
Persian Iranian carpet rug
Persian Iranian carpet rug

Buy Sim-card

Instruction for Sim-card

Legally each sim-card must be registered. Registered Irancell sims are 350000 Rial. After registration process it might tale from one hour to one day for the sim to be activated. For data (Internet and calls) the sim has to be charged; the amount is your choice, however, charging your sim for an extra 150000 Rial for data would be recommended.