Thank you very much for your interest in our services. Iran Cozy Hostel provides you with different packages with which you can benefit a set of discounts. The purpose of these offers is to convince you booking direct with us, giving you valuable options that would help you plan your trip better.

I should kindly explain that:

The discounts won’t be summed up together and each offer has its separate discount.

The “Nights of Stay” offer discount is different for different room types; in case of the Single & Double rooms, the discount is %15, while for the Triple and Quadruple it is %20.

The “Food Tour” is designed to help tourists gain useful information about Persian culinary and its role in our culture. If the number of applicants for this tour falls below a certain number, the tour is prone to cancellation. In such cases you will be informed at least three days in advance. 

If you would like trying our vegie foods for dinner, please let us know the exact date and time. I should humbly add that the discount (%10) would just apply to the price of room rent for the specific night with dinner oredered.