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The 1# TripAdvisor Specialty Lodging (Budget/Cheap Hostel) in Tehran, Iran

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Sim Card

At the airport, in the city or at Iran Cozy Hostel you can buy the sim card with data.

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Persian Veggie Foods

The temptation of dad's delicious and amazing Persian veggie recipes, is too strong to resist.

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Airplane, Train & Bus

Having the registered ticketing license, we are able to buy your tickets upon your arrival.

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Currency Exchange

Checking the exchange rates online, we are able to help you exchange your money safely and fairly.

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Persian Carpets

Invaluable would be the advice from our carpet expert, if you aim buying Persian rugs.

Must Travel A Lot, To Make One Mature (Saadi Shirazi)

budget cheap hostel in Tehran Iran


Located in the city center, it's pretty easy to get there.

budget cheap hostel in Tehran Iran


Simple and friendly rules, help all of us with valuable comfort.
House Rules

budget cheap hostel in Tehran Iran


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